Sep 10, 2020

The AI Technology behind United Imaging’s Three New FDA Certifications

In recent developments, United Imaging medical imaging systems equipped with uAI artificial intelligence technology have received three FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) certifications in a row. From CT, MR to PET-CT, United Imaging’s high-end imaging systems have now all been empowered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms.



The world’s first AI-assisted MR acceleration technology approved by the FDA, starting a new era of 100-second imaging for MR.

ACS (AI-assisted Compressed Sensing)seamlessly integrates uAI artificial intelligence into uCS . By optimizing K-space sampling together with an embedded AI algorithm, the new technology reduces MRI scanning time by up to 70%, and multi-contrast sequence imaging of various body parts can be performed within 100 seconds. As a result, high-quality imaging can be achieved at unprecedented speeds.



An AI-assisted PET-CT noise reduction technology approved by the FDA, achieving high-efficiency and ultra-clear imaging

United Imaging’s HYPER DLR deep learning PET image reconstruction algorithm, trained with high-quality PET image data, can effectively reduce PET image noise under low count rate conditions and significantly improve image quality. As a result, image signal-to-noise ratios can be improved by 42% with accelerated imaging speed.

40s/bed          Traditional Reconstruction  &      HYPER DLR



An AI low-dose CT imaging technology approved by the FDA, achieving ultra-low-dose imaging

CT DELTA low-dose imaging technology retains the most detailed information while reducing noise, generating high-quality images. The technology reduces the radiation dosage of CT scans by up to 80% while improving low-contrast resolution by nearly 160%.

* DELTA: DEep Learning Trained Algorithm

Traditional LDCT Reconstruction                      DL-based LDCT Reconstruction