Jul 15, 2020

United Imaging Intelligence wins SAIL Award at World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2020

On July 9, United Imaging Intelligence (UII) won the SAIL Award (Super AI Leader, Excellent Artificial Intelligence Leader Award) at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2020. This top prize was awarded to UII for its uAI Full-Stack Solution for COVID-19. This award recognizes UII’s significant contributions in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the most prestigious honor presented at the WAIC, the SAIL Award highlights global trends in AI development and its applications, while setting the direction of AI conferences and expedites AI research and application development. This year’s SAIL awards attracted 800 outstanding projects from China, Germany, the United States, Israel, Singapore, and other countries. After several rounds of careful reviews and assessments by expert committees, UII emerged as one of the four final winners. The other three winners are Baidu, Carnegie Mellon University, and IBM.


Quantitative AI-based analysis to assist medical screening, diagnosis, and follow-up

UII has provided its new AI Solution for COVID-19 to more than 100 hospitals in China. The system automatically labels lung lesions in patients’ CT images, with the overlapping ratio reaching around 90% between the predicted COVID-19 infection regions and expert-annotated ground-truth. Meanwhile, error in the infection percentage with respect to the whole lung is less than 1%. With this tool, screening time can be drastically reduced from 5-10 minutes to just one minute. At the same time, the system is capable of automatically aligning pneumonia lesions in images taken from multiple time points, such as before and after treatment, which facilitates simultaneous reading and longitudinal comparisons of multiple images, aiding doctors in accurately assessing the development of the disease.

The uAI-Discover-PNA (Pneumonia) System

Automatic AI-based positioning to achieve zero-contact scanning                              

During a typical medical scanning procedure, technicians enter in and out of scanning rooms repeatedly, which inevitably leads to close patient contact. The “Intelligent Eye-in-the-Sky” Platform developed by United Imaging automatically identifies patients’ height, body shape, position and other information, allowing technicians to complete scans without entering the scanning room. As a result, the risk of cross-infection is greatly reduced during the pandemic.

United Imaging “Intelligent Eye-in-the-Sky” Platform

Cloud-based AI service to relieve the pressure of diagnosis and treatment                                            

During the coronavirus outbreak, many hospitals had severely strained resources to accommodate imaging-based diagnosis tasks. In order to solve such problems, United Imaging Intelligence’s AI system provides services to more than 200 medical institutions in China, including Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital and other make-shift (Fangcang) hospitals through the United Imaging Cloud service, which helped to alleviate the diagnosis and treatment pressure of many designated COVID-19 hospitals.

The SAIL award is an important milestone in United Imaging Intelligence’s mission to develop medical imaging AI solutions. In the future, United Imaging Intelligence will continue to provide our customers with cutting-edge innovations driven by artificial intelligence, providing “full-stack” services (imaging, screening, follow-up, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation) and targeting a wide spectrum of diseases.